Do you know that music is good thing for your health ?

Music is the part of art that favored by many people. From old, young, child, men, and woman are like music. Music has many genres that all of them is easy to listening. If you need music service. Then street pianos is the best solution for you. It always ready to help you. It provide the best music for you. The development of the music also give affect to the music genre. The music is very close with human daily life. Listening music is pleasure, some type of music also can make people feel calm. Music can greatly affect to human emotions. By the research, music is really can change the humans mood, although of that it can also increase the concentration. Not only that but also can reduce stress. Listening the music can give a real effects to the all part of brain that responsibility for some aspect, like memories and visuals. There are some healthy benefit of listen music. The first benefit, reducing stress. By the research some people are listening the music to encourage while working. Other people listen the music on the way to work to coping the stress. The second, increase the body endurance. Listen some types of music can make people run faster. It is because music can helping increase the endurance by 15 percent. The third, improve the ability of verbal and visual. Music for children can stimulate children’s brain and increase the intelligent of verbal ability. Music can also increase children IQ. An adult that regularly listen music can keep the brain still healthy when the age added. All activity that using music can improve the brain be work better. The last benefit, reducing blood pressure. Listening some slow music regularly at morning and night can lower the blood pressure by the people who have high blood pressure. There are some healthy benefit of music.